7 Fun Spring Coloring Pages Kids (With Quotes)

If there’s one thing I’ve learned on this wild journey of teaching kids, it’s that keeping the kiddos entertained and engaged is a feat worthy of celebration. And what better way to do that than with some free spring coloring pages kids that come with a side of inspiration?

It’s a beautiful spring day, and my students are armed with crayons, ready to make a mess (a good one – the learning kind of mess).

Now, don’t get me wrong, coloring sessions in our house are never without their share of surprises. I remember the time my kiddo decided that the grass should be neon pink because, well, why not challenge the laws of nature, right?

So, I decided to make meaning out of our coloring sessions! I wanted to combine story telling and literacy with coloring. 

In this journey of teaching, I’ve learned that encouraging my students to color inside the lines is more of a dance than a strict rule. There’s a rhythm to embracing the unexpected while gently guiding them to stay within those lines. I try to lead by example here and show them as I color. 

Read on as I share the best spring coloring pages to help kids with not only coloring, but reading with fun facts about spring.

So, join me as we explore the world of coloring quote pages and dive into the realm of easy-to-color spring scenes. 

I’ve got a little extra treat for you – 5 more spring coloring pages, absolutely free. Download them, print them, and let the coloring adventures continue. 

Trust me, the joy these pages bring is contagious, and your kiddos will be the directors of their very own springtime art show.

If you’re on the lookout for some springtime fun for the kiddos, you’re in the right place. We’ve got your back with a set of free and easy-to-color spring coloring pages – perfect to keep those little hands and minds busy during the season of blooming flowers and sunny days.

What Are Coloring Quote Pages?

So, what’s the deal with coloring quote pages? Well, they’re basically coloring pages with sentences (about the topic) to help engage kids a little more with the content.

Imagine fun quotes like “Bloom where you’re planted” or “April showers bring May flowers” paired with pictures that kids can identify with. It’s like a mini boost of positivity for the kids while they also get to learn all about the topic.

How to Encourage Kids to Color Inside the Lines?

Getting the little ones to color inside the lines can sometimes feel like herding cats, right? But also, sometimes it’s not even feasible. Fear not! There are some ways you can encourage them to color within the lines.

Gently guide them to the magic of staying within the lines. If they veer off, tell them this ‘is how you color inside the lines’ and show them by doing it yourself. It’s all about turning it into a fun challenge rather than a strict rule. Trust me, it gets easier with practice.

Previously I’ve shared St Patrick Day Coloring Religious and Leprechaun Letter Coloring which were a hit!

How to Use the Spring Coloring Pages?

Now, for the good stuff – our spring coloring pages.

Simply download the free printable with 7 pages of joyous spring scenes.

Sign up by click on the image below or on the following link to download your free set: Spring Coloring Pages Kids

Each page is designed to be easy to color, with words and pictures surrounded by a pattern background.

I like to also do one page at a time, that way the kids get to engage with the theme of each quote on paper.

How to Expand on Their Use?

Sure, coloring is fantastic, but why stop there?

Have the kids share their creations with the class and with their parents and caregivers.

These coloring pages can be a gateway to more creativity and thoughtful gestures.

4 More Spring Coloring Pages Free

And because we know you can never have enough, here’s a bonus – 5 more spring coloring pages for free!

Download them, print them, and let the coloring continue.

These additional pages come with interesting facts about spring, making them not just a creative outlet but also an educational tool for your little ones.

Spring Bugs Coloring Pages

From the author: “This Spring Coloring Freebie is perfect for getting your kiddos engaged in writing and ready for Spring!! These would be great in a writing center, indoor recess, fun fridays, and more!”

Spring Coloring Pages Easy

The author shared this set of fun spring coloring pages which would suit any preschooler or kindergarten student.

Easter Coloring Pages

From the author: “This set has 6 pages of fun that go well with lessons and activities related to Easter. I truly hope you enjoy it!”

April Spring Mindfulness Coloring Pages

From the author: “A colouring activity that is especially fit for the spring season, this April Mindfulness Colouring Activity is sure to occupy and relax your children.”

In a nutshell, spring coloring pages are a valuable tool for both kids and grown-ups. They bring joy, creativity, and some education to the table.

So, dive in, have fun. Happy coloring!

Remember, it’s not just about coloring; it’s about fostering a love for self-expression, celebrating the unexpected, and turning a mundane activity into something the kids will enjoy and learn from.

And don’t forget to explore beyond coloring – turn those pages into personalized cards, placemats, or even framed masterpieces for Grandma’s wall.

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