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30 of the Best Sarcastic Rain Quotes

Did you ever notice that the pitter-patter of the raindrops makes you sluggish and turns your mood down? These sarcastic rain quotes are here to boost your mood and offer some relief when, hey, we all might feel this way about rain sometimes!

It’s a mood killer. Yes, it’s true and there is a reason behind it. According to WebMD, light can boost serotonin (also known as the happy hormone) and when you don’t get it you have lower self-esteem and a not-so-good mood. 

But let’s be real, sometimes the rain just won’t quit, and we need a little humor to get through it. That’s where sarcastic rain quotes come in handy!

Whether you’re looking for a caption for your Instagram post or just need a good laugh, I’ve compiled 20 hilarious quotes that perfectly capture some relief from rainy days. Let’s dive in!

Did you ever notice that the pitter-patter of the raindrops makes you sluggish and turns your mood down? These sarcastic rain quotes are here to boost your mood and offer some relief when, hey, we all might feel this way about rain sometimes

Funny Sarcastic Rain Quotes:

Rainy days call for a sprinkle of sarcasm, don’t you think? Here are 20 hilarious quotes that perfectly encapsulate the mood when the skies open up and the rain starts pouring. 

  1. “I love when it rains, because then I can pretend the tears in my eyes are just raindrops.” ☔️
  2. “Why is it that everything I like is either illegal, immoral, or fattening? Or it’s raining. Sometimes it’s all four!” 🌧️
  3. “Rainy days: because mother nature doesn’t have a mute button.” 🎶
  4. “Raindrops are like fairy whispers, except wetter and more annoying.” ✨
 Sarcastic Rain Quotes
  1. “I like my coffee how I like my weather: steamy and unpredictable.” ☕️
  2. “I don’t need an alarm clock, I have the sound of rain to wake me up at 6 am on my day off.” ⏰
  3. “Rainy days are perfect for staying in bed and pretending you don’t have responsibilities.” 💤
  4. “I dance in the rain not because I’m carefree, but because I don’t want anyone to see me crying.” 💃
 Sarcastic Rain Quotes
  1. “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain while holding an umbrella.” 🌂
  2. “I’m singing in the rain, just kidding, I’m yelling obscenities.” 🎶
  3. “Rain, rain, go away! Actually, stay. I’m too lazy to go outside anyway.” 🙄
  4. “Rain is just confetti from the sky, except it’s wet and ruins your hair.” 🎉
 Sarcastic Rain Quotes
  1. “The only thing I like more than the sound of rain is the sound of it stopping.” 🛑
  2. “I’m not saying I hate the rain, but if it were chocolate, I’d be on a diet.” 🍫
  3. “Rainy days are God’s way of telling us to slow down and binge-watch Netflix.” 📺
  4. “Is it raining? No, that’s just the sky crying because you forgot your umbrella again.” 😢
 Sarcastic Rain Quotes
  1. “Life’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes it’s just rain.” 🌈
  2. “I don’t need a therapist, I just need a really good umbrella.” 🌂
  3. “Rainy days are nature’s way of saying, ‘Don’t bother straightening your hair today.’” 💁
  4. “I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship in the rain.” ⛵️

Sarcastic Rain Quotes for Instagram

Need a clever caption to accompany your rainy day selfie? These sarcastic rain quotes are tailor-made for your Instagram feed.

 Sarcastic Rain Quotes
  1. “Embracing the rainy days because my umbrella matches my outfit.” 🌧️👗
  2. “Rainy day forecast: 99% chance of cozy blankets and hot cocoa.” ☕️🌧️
  3. “Let the rain wash away yesterday’s worries.” 🌧️💭
  4. “Embracing the rainy days because a little water never hurt anyone…except my hair.” 💦💁‍♂️

Sarcastic Rain Quotes for Girls

Girls just wanna have fun…even when it’s raining! Whether you’re seeking solace indoors or splashing in puddles outside, these sarcastic rain quotes are here to add a touch of humor to your day.

 Sarcastic Rain Quotes
  1. “I’m not made of sugar, but I still don’t want to melt in the rain.” 🍬🌧️
  2. “Rainy days and messy hair: a love story.” 💁🌧️
  3. “Rainy days and messy buns: because perfection is overrated anyway.” 🌧️💁‍♀️

Sarcastic Rain Quotes for Boys

Whether you’re dodging raindrops or seeking shelter from the storm, these sarcastic rain quotes for boys are sure to bring a smile to your face.

 Sarcastic Rain Quotes
  1. “Real men carry umbrellas, because soggy socks are not a good look.” ☔️🧦
  2. “Who needs a gym membership when you can run from raindrops?” 🏃‍♂️🌧️
  3. “Real men carry umbrellas, not because they’re afraid of a little rain, but because they’ve got style to maintain.” ☔️💼

If you are someone who finds solace in the rain you are in luck because rain drops also drop your mood too.

But if you are opposite you can always laugh it out. But if next time the rain clouds roll in, add a little sarcasm to brighten up even the dreariest of days. We can embrace rain, because we know it may be sunny for too long and cause a drought that we wish for rain!

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